HomeTown Buffet GiveAway!!!!!

HomeTown Buffet GiveAway!!!!!


Family Night at Hometown Buffet is featuring Life Heros 🙂 Hometown is partnering with Anchor Bay Entertainment and their award winning animated film Underdogs. Different types of Heros will be featured for example Teachers, Soldiers, Police Officers. There is still a couple weeks left with this theme heres the list of the weekly features:

August 25: Meet a Firefighter Hero Day

Sept 1: Scouts Honor

Sept 8: Teacher Hero’s and Grandparent Heros

Sept 15: Soldier Hero

Sept 22: Thank You, Police Officers!

Sept 29: Literary Hero’s

Oct 6: Little Hero’s

Local Heros are invited to come on in and participate in the activities! I think this always helps 🙂 I love seeing our kids faces when they meet people in uniform. It makes it more real and you never know they might be inspired to follow in those footsteps.

This theme will end with the October 6th Family night and some locations will show a screening of Underdogs.

Another great thing Hometown Buffet will be doing is having a cannedfood drive benefiting the local charities. Every child who turns in goods will get a sticker that says — I can make a difference! Another great lesson for the kids 🙂 

Alway check with your local Hometown Buffet for more details. Some restaurants do things a little different. Sometimes the HomeTown over in Covina Ca has face painting and ballon making from Payasito Tutin along with the feature for the week 🙂

Make sure you enter the drawing to win a copy of the Underdogs movie in DVD. Our kids really enjoyed the movie and really understood the mesaage that waa sent.

Enter to win our Prize Pack!! Which includes 4 meal passes, a $25.00 Amazon giftcard and a copy of Underdogs!

Please like/Share/Comment on this post!! Here in this link or anywhere you see this post!!!! Good Luck!!!!

20160114_181740 2015-12-09_14.49.18



Adventure City!!!!!

Adventure City!!!!!

This summer right before the school year started. I took our kids on a last summer outing over to Adventure City in Anaheim Ca. But….. since we always seem to have great weather we will definitely be back on a weekend 🙂


20160811_110651 2016-09-12_22-32-36

We’ve been to Adventure City before and really loved it! It’s a perfect place for a day outing. Adventure City is a small Amusement Park where all the younger kids can all have a great time. Our kids ages 4,7 and 9 and they absolutely love this place.

First off the Parking is FREE!!! and very close to the entrance. As soon as you walk in, you will notice how clean and well taken care of this park is. Everything is nice and bright and there’s lots of beautiful flowers and plants all around the park.


We like to start on one side of the park and go all the way around so we try every ride.

20160811_111347 20160811_111543

As we make our way, we see the Show times Board and keep those times in mind while going about our day 🙂


One of the kids favorites is the School Bus, our four year old didn’t want to get on so I stayed behind while grandma and the kids rode.

20160811_111910 20160811_112034




Our Little guy loves this Train!!!


20160811_134625 20160811_134604 20160811_134633


Riding the Train is a great one to try early in your visit because it takes you all around the park and you can get a feeling of everything else you will experience later it’s also a great one for the whole family to get on together 🙂

20160811_114051  20160811_113349 20160811_113751


20160811_113925  20160811_14005020160811_114032

All the rides are included in admission but they do sell a FunCard which gets you points to use on the Rockwall and Arcade 🙂

20160811_121801 20160811_121814 20160811_121907

This was really nice for our girl because two years ago she didn’t make it to the top and this time she did!!! She was so happy and proud 🙂

The Airplanes are also a favorite

20160811_120244 20160811_120437

Next to the Airplanes you will see the Balloon Racers this is my favorite 🙂 I think they are pretty to look at and the air feels great when you fly up!

20160912_211924 20160811_113849  20160811_120544 20160811_142831

For something a little faster try the Freeway Coaster

20160811_115155 20160811_115059

Another thing I love about this place is their food. I think it’s fairly priced and good portion size. Since we were running around a nice treat is always good 🙂 we decided on Nachos and Chili Cheese Curly Fries!!!! They don’t skimp on the cheese!

20160811_122806 20160811_122801

And for the Mama’s Starbucks!!!!!!

I was so happy to see they brew Starbucks Coffee as well as iced!


You can also purchase an Adventure City cup and get refills throughout the day for $1.00.


A huge plus for our family was when I asked for a refill on my own water bottle and they showed me where they have an ice bucket along with water they even have cups free of charge!

Our family drinks tons of water and theres no way I can keep buying bottled water this is so nice of them to offer it.


There’s lots of places available to sit and eat but we took our food over to the show area since it was almost going start. 

There’s plenty of benches and tables all with great views of the show.

20160811_122748 20160811_125044 20160811_125048  20160811_125534  20160811_123815 20160811_125557

The kids thought the show was pretty funny!

Adventure City also has a Petting Zoo, also included with admission I think they sell feed but we didn’t do it.

20160811_130610 20160811_130705 20160811_130647 20160811_130540                      After petting the animals they have a handwashing station right across the way.

Carousel fun is always good 🙂

20160811_111644 20160811_132957 20160811_132953 20160811_133159

We doubled up on some of the rides and one of the last rides we rode was the Drop Zone I stayed behind with the little guy and these brave kids got on with their brave grandma!

20160811_141106  20160811_141213 20160811_141216 20160811_141110

The last ride for the day was the Roller Coaster our nine year old son went ahead and got on by himself 🙂 Brave kid gets on everything!

20160811_140555 20160811_140554 20160811_140636

Before leaving for the day we did have some fun over at the Arcade all 3 kids shared one $20.00 FunCard and it went pretty far they all played what they wanted, got tickets and even collected prizes.

20160811_143455 20160811_143627 20160811_144735 20160811_143903                  20160811_14423720160811_143225

The Price is right for this Park and you end up with a nice full day of fun with lots of memories made 🙂 Hours vary but they dont open to early or close to late. You can definitly do everything in one visit.

This Park makes me feel happy because it brings back childhood memories. Back when I was a kid my dad would take us to the Beach and on the way home we’d stop by Hobby City which is right next door to Adventure City. There was lots to do back then and the buildings are still there today. I even remember when construction started and when Adventure City opened in 1994 we didn’t visit because I was already in high school but I knew once I had kids or nieces and nephews Id be bringing them to visit.

Im Happy to say we have a GiveAway!!!!!!!!! 4 Tickets to Visit Adventure City!!! to Enter please like share and comment on this post 🙂 let us know if you’ve been and what you liked or if you haven’t been what you’d like to try 🙂 There was a couple more rides that i did’nt get pictures of.

Adventure City is located over at 1238 S. Beach Blvd. Anaheim Ca 92804 Phone– 714-236-9300 

Admission is $17.95 (infants 12 months and younger are Free) Seniors are $12.95 (ages 55 years and up) 

visit http://m.adventurecity.com/  for more information. And I also recommend signing up for the E-Club because they send out lots of deals and you might even get a free admission for your Birthday!




Hometown Buffet Giveaway!!!!



Family Nights at Hometown Buffet are always fun!! Our kids love going and so do I 🙂 Family Night is every Thursday from 5pm- 8pm and kids eat for $1.99! Hometown Buffet has teamed up with PlayMonster for this latest promotion. They are featuring their popular games, Yeti in my Spaghetti and Stack Attack. 

IMG_20160724_224642 IMG_20160724_224835 IMG_20160724_224936


The Featured activities are:

June 16th-The Laws of balance

June 23rd-City Rising

June 30th-Buildings of Ancient Rome

July 7th– Sink or Swim

July14th– Why Does it do that?

July 21st– Spaghetti Westerns

July 28th– Rhyming Words

August 4th– Macaroni Art

Game Night is being hosted on Family Nights at Hometown Buffet. As well as a different interactive activity in the restaurant. We usually visit HomeTown Buffet over in Covina at 1318 N. Azusa Ave, Covina Ca 91722 its always a fun time great service and lots of choices 🙂

IMG_20160724_225038 IMG_20160724_225205 20160707_191634

20160707_185157 20160707_191706 20160114_181740 20160114_180616

Enter now to win a Prize Pack which includes 2 Free Meal passes,2 Kids Eat Free Passes each is good for 2 children :)The Yeti in My Spaghetti Board Game and Stack Attack! 

Just Comment below and tell us what your favorite family board game is and please like and share on Facebook for more entries!!!

Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!!!!! I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday July 27th 🙂


Horses and Dragons & Vanishing Animals now at the Aquarium of the Pacific


Now through May 31,2017 you can explore the realm of real life Horses and Dragons that dwell under the sea over at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. 🙂

I’ve always been facinated with Sea Horses. When I was a little girl I remember my cousin having a huge salt water tank and she had her very own Sea Horse!! I remember thinking she was the luckiest person out there! Now of course I understand why we can’t own them, but you can get up close and see them over at The Aquarium of the Pacific. Over at the Horses and Dragons exhibition. Our kids and I were lucky to see this exhibit and we will definitely be back. 🙂 I never knew there was so many different types.

Here are some examples of what we saw.

IMG_20160526_212132 20160526_110617 20160526_110400

Leafy Seadragon found in Southern Australia. These guys have amazing camouflage. They look and sway like plants and can change colors to match their seaweed and sea grass habitats.

20160526_111056 20160526_111018

Weedy Seadragon Only found in Australian Coastal Waters. They are near threatened and just like their Seahorse relatives male Seadragons carry thier eggs.

20160526_111348 20160526_111655  20160526_111416

Longsnout Seahorse Found in Western Atlantic Ocean along the U.S, East Coast and around Burmuda, Bahamas to South America. This guy looked a little more familiar to us.

Ribboned Seadragon Not a true Seadragon but is a member of the pipehorse group of fishes. Such am interesting one to see! So hard to believe they are real. It’s also cool to know that they are similar to the Rainbow serpent found in ancient aboriginal drawings that date back to 5,000 years ago can you see the resemblance below 🙂


These were just a few of what we saw, you will also see Pipefish, Razorfish along with all the other amazing and unusual animals throughout the Aquarium.

20160526_131308 20160526_131424  20160526_111427

20160526_131809 20160526_131719

Make sure to check out the Vanishing Animals Gallery below are some pics. You will also learn through live animal exhibits, multimedia and interactive displays how we have the opportunity to help with preventing extinctions as well as learning more about extinction. I really think the kids understand by seeing examples.

20160526_115358 20160526_115553 20160526_115146

20160526_114754 20160526_114705

We also checked out the new puppet show Pacific Pals featuring Piper the seahorse 🙂 over at the Marine Life Theater. Such a cute

and informative show.

20160526_124128 20160526_125134 20160526_125415

We had a great and memorable day!!! Once we got home the kids drew pictures of what they saw 🙂 Our son was so inspired all he’s been talking about is becoming a Marine Biologist and keeps asking to go back. Theres so much to see!! we even took a little break and went on a Harbor Breeze Tour aboard La Espada 🙂 follow them on Instagram at HarborBreezeCruises http://www.2seewhales.com for more info.

20160526_160506 20160526_160158 20160526_133331

20160526_151444 20160526_143207 20160526_141632


I wasn’t able to get very good pics of all the dolphins because they were swimming and jumping very fast! But seeing them was so exciting! They swam close to the boat and we could see them below us. The kids were so excited they couldn’t believe these were real dolphins in the ocean and not at a show 🙂 We also saw a Blue Whale!!!! We definitely made memories and the kids want to learn so much more.

The Aquarium is a great place to visit in these summer months. The Aquarium is open daily from 9am-6pm and until 8pm on summer Sundays. 

Aquarium Address: Aquarium of the Pacific 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach CA 90802

562-590-3100 http://www.aquariumofpacific.org

Cost: The exhibits are included with general admission: $29.95 adult (12+), $26.95 senior (62+),  $17.95 child (3-11), and free for children under 3 years old and Aquarium members.

FYI– Wienerschnitzel has Discount coupons 😉 make sure to pick them up Original Coupon must be present.



Amelia Bedelia Giveaway with Hometown Buffet


I’m excited Hometown Buffet is Featuring Amelia Bedelia in their Thursday Night Family Nights. I remember her being really funny in the books and now our kids will get to know her.

Our kids really enjoy eating at HomeTown Buffet and having these activities along with the $1.99 price for kids is a win and always feels like a fun dinner treat for them. 🙂

Thursday nights through May 12th Hometown Buffet will be featuring Amelia Bedelia from children’s literature. All Children are invited to participate in different activities that celebrate words, science, cooking, and seasons. I decided to share this post because I think it’s a good learning opportunity for kids as well as eating good food and having fun!



Upcoming events include:

March 24th- “Let’s run for office!” Teaches kids the basics about election time and how to campaign by making slogans, buttons, and campaign promises before holding their own mini election.

March 31st- “Spring Selfie” is a great social media photo booth style experience, The whole family can take part in. Frames, decorations, and mini props will be provided.

April 7th- “Bake off “ Kids will be learning about cooking by baking one of Amelia Bedelia’s favorites — Apple Pie!!!

April 14th- “Recipes done right” helps kids see how important it is to follow instructions especially when baking. I’m pretty sure Amelia Bedelia has learned this lesson 😉

April 21st- “Fly a Kite” Celebrates one of Springtimes most popular activities by coloring and assembling a mini kite for flying or decorating.

April 28th- “Dream Pie” Invites children to explore their imaginations and their appetites with colorful design your own Pie creation to share.

May 5th- “The power of words that help out” Features Amelia Bedelia and her silly mix ups of common phrases as kids discover the multiple meanings of words and phrases during a Simon Says style game.

May 12th- “Magic Words” highlights Amelia Bedelia again showing how words can make a difference through manners and also through magic. There will be multiple magical demonstrations kids cam recreate at home 🙂

Family Nights at HomeTown Buffet start at 3:30 pm until closing. Kids under 11 eat for $1.99 🙂 2 kids per full priced adult meal. This also includes the kids drink!

Here’s our Giveaway!!!!


Includes Four Amelia Bedelia books, Stickers, Games and some meal coupons to enter please like/share/Comment on this post and tell us if you or your child is familiar with Amelia Bedilia!!! Good Luck!!

Winner will be announced on March 30th.

Another chance to win an amazing trip is over at http://www.AmeliaBediliaFamilyFunSweeps.com click for a chance to win a 7 night Caribbean Cruise for a family of four including air transportation courtesy of MSC Cruises.

Don’t forget to get some Tasty Dessert while the kids enjoy their time participating in events 😉

IMG_20160323_170712 IMG_20160323_170950




Hippo Encounter at the Los Angeles Zoo

DSC_0592 copy  20160212_122535


Family Adventure Ahead!!!!! An amazing opportunity to get up close (very close) to meet Hippo’s is happening now at the Los Angeles Zoo. Get to know Mara and her 15 month old baby Rosie. We had the chance to checkout Hippo Encounter and it was Amazing!!! This is a great learning opportunity for all especially the kids, and you can all walk away saying— I touched a Hippo! Hippo Encounter is only 15 people at a time including children so please make sure to check availability and purchase tickets online at http://www.lazoo.org/visit/showsandactivities/  you can also purchase in person at admissions ticket windows.

DSC_0601 copy DSC_0585 copy

During Hippo Encounter you will be going behind the scenes for about 20 min and will be standing very close to baby Rosie and her Mama Mara 🙂 you see the pictures I wasn’t zooming in we were really that close! 🙂

You will learn so much about Hippos and how baby Rosie came to be. If you’ve ever wondered what Hippo skin feels like you will have a chance to find out 🙂

20160212_121553 DSC_0593 copy

You will also keep them company while they eat Lunch 😉 and learn facts like — Why do they spend so much time underwater? How much does baby Rosie weigh? How fast can they run? Are they Endangered? You will have a chance to ask questions so get them ready.

DSC_0596 20160212_121501 20160212_121650

Hippos are the third largest land mammal and how awesome is it that you have a chance to see and feel one up close!

Ill never forget that open mouth and seeing Mama and baby interact was priceless. This was definitely a memorable experience for us. I keep thinking about it and our son keeps telling his buddies he touched a Hippo 🙂

20160212_120437 20160212_121612 20160212_120749

I figure the more we teach our kids about these animals the more they will Love and respect them. Thank You Los Angeles Zoo for offering these once in a lifetime experiences.

Hippo Encounter is $15.00 per person in addition to regular Zoo admission and is available on weekends and holidays at 12pm.

Check out the Zoo website for tickets http://www.lazoo.org/visit/showsandactivities/ 

Admission to the LA Zoo is $20.00 for general admission (ages 13-61) $17.00 for seniors (ages 62 and over) and $15.00 for children (ages 2-12) Hippo Encounter tickets are $15.00 per person in addition to regular zoo admission and available to children ages 4 and up accompanied by an adult.

Enjoy these Beautiful days and make some memories at the Los Angeles Zoo!!!! while there make sure to get a tasty snack and ride the Conservation Carousel!

20160212_130724 20160212_130712 20160212_125732 20160212_125610 20160212_130803


Los Angeles Zoo 

5333 Zoo Drive Los Angeles Ca 90027





National Geographic Kids Teams up with HomeTown Buffet

20160114_180253  20160114_180234

Another great family Promotion at HomeTown Buffets Thursday Family Night. 🙂 Thursday night Kids eat for $1.99 with regular adult meal purchased (2 kids per adult). Family night starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm. If you are in the Covina area they told me they will be starting their family night at 3:30pm! Call to double check 😉 

This new Promotion will run until February 29th. They are teaming up with National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016. You will have a chance to win one in this post keep on reading!! This is right up our alley since we are an Adventure family 😉

Every thursday from 5-8pm they will be hosting a different activity from Explorer activities to teach kids how to create and read a map, to understanding the wonders of the Rainforest.

The activities featured are:

Jan 14th- Lions,Tigers,and Bears -Oh My!

Jan 21st- Foods from Around the World 

Jan 28th- Photo Safari

Feb 4th- A trip to the Amazon

Feb 11th- Baby its Cold Outside 

Feb 25th- National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016 Activity Sheet and DVD Sweepstakes Giveaway 

As you see the kids Enjoy going over on Family Night 🙂

IMG_20160121_122842 20160114_180813 20160114_181004 20160114_181740

They love getting their own food 🙂 20160114_180506


So many Choices!!!! 20160114_180538 20160114_180608 20160114_180557 20160114_180634 20160114_180616

They had the Wild Animals DVD playing 20160114_185128 20160114_185127

As well as Games 20160114_190125 20160114_190128


and you cant miss the Fresh Cotton Candy!!20160114_184121 20160114_184126

Since the kids so well when we go they always get dessert 🙂

20160114_184651 20160114_183651

Its always a great family night out 🙂 and you cant beat the $1.99 which includes all their food,drink and dessert!!!

Now you all have a Chance to win a Prize Pack including—— A copy of National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016, a Copy of Really Wild Animals DVD and 4 Meal passes to use when you want! to enter ask your kids what their favorite animal is and comment below Sharing,Liking and Commenting of FaceBook gives you more entries!!! This Contest is Over on Monday Feb 1st!

IMG_20160122_224845 20160118_094339 20160118_094317

There is also a chance to win a Sweepstakes featuring a 5 day/4night trip for a family of 4 to West Palm Beach Florida, Courtesy of VisitFlorida.com 🙂 The Prize Pack includes Air Transportation, Hotel, Admission to Lion County Safari, a $250 Visa Gift Card a Copy of the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016 a DVD set and More!!!! Enter at http://www.natgeokidssweeps.com 


ReinDeer Romp at the Los Angeles Zoo

DSC_0253 copy

Right now through January 3rd. Over at the Los Angeles Zoo you can see Reindeer!!!! Its really the only place around Los Angeles to take a close look at live Reindeer 🙂 You will lean Reindeer facts and meet Reindeers Noel, Belle, Velvet and Jingle. Some facts we learned are that even female Reindeers have antlers and Reindeer antlers fall off and they grow new ones! I never new that, even parents are always learning. 🙂

DSC_0235 copy DSC_0229 copy DSC_0246 copy

In the same Reindeer Romp area everyone can decorate their own antlers —

20151205_104221 20151205_104827

and right outside you can see Ice Carving in action we were fortunate to see #IceDoll work her magic 🙂

DSC_0303 copy DSC_0264 copy DSC_0259 copy DSC_0324 copy DSC_0342 copy

Make sure to check out the schedule at the beginning of your visit to see which animal will be receiving a special gift. On different days different animals, receive a present that they unwrap! we were lucky to see the Elephants 🙂

20151205_133233 20151205_133302 20151205_133435 20151205_133604


Other special holiday activities include a visit with Santa, puppet shows and watching Carolers. Visiting the Zoo during this time makes for a very fun family day. The holiday spirit all around and great holiday picture opportunities 🙂

DSC_0240 copy

And you get to experience everything the Zoo has to offer!! Like these tasty snacks 🙂 I think now its a tradition to get Kettle Corn its very fresh and super tasty. Those Carnitas Nachos were very tasty and will be getting them again! we got them over at Cafe Pico.

20151205_151248 20151205_151313 20151205_110840 20151205_134018

We Love taking the kids to the Zoo because each time its a different adventure. This trip we were able to see lots of babies 🙂

DSC_0505 copy DSC_0490 copy DSC_0481 copy DSC_0470 copy DSC_0469 copy DSC_0542 copy

As the kids get older they learn more about Extinction and Endangered animals bringing them to the Zoo helps them Love the animals and makes them more aware of things they can do in the environment. We spent lots of time over at the California Condor Rescue Zone they loved it so much they didn’t want to leave.

DSC_0217 copy DSC_0168 copy DSC_0185 copy DSC_0158 DSC_0147 copy DSC_0142 copy DSC_0205 copy DSC_0190 copy

And how amazing it was to see the Lions Love each other!!

DSC_0558 copy DSC_0559 copy DSC_0563 copy


All activites are FREE with paid Zoo addmision which is $20.00 for general admission (ages 13-61) $17 for seniors (ages 62+) and $15 for children (ages2-12) No ticket is required for children under 2.


Los Angeles Zoo

5333 Zoo Drive Los Angeles, Ca 90027

Free parking is available







Our Adventure at Grand Legacy at the Park

Our Adventure at Grand Legacy at the Park

This weekend we wanted to have a weekend full of Disneyland. We planned our stay over at Grand Legacy at the Park, also known as Ramada MainGate at the Park. Staying here was the best thing we could’ve done 🙂 Right off the bat we received outstanding customer service everyone at the front desk and vallet were very helpful and friendly. We arrived hours before check in we filled out our paperwork got our parking permit which by the way is $5.00 with your stay! and walked right on over to Disneyland!!! the walk over to the park is 7 minutes!!!!! thats it!


IMG_20151123_164507  20151212_123139 IMG_20151111_113205 20151212_111232

Once it was time to Check in we walked on back, easy as that!!!! We really wanted to go back to the park in the evening to watch Fantasmic and Paint the Night so in order for the kids to hang in there until midnight we figured it was time to take a little break.  

2015-12-14_11.53.56 2015-12-14_12.04.24

Heres a little glimpse of our room, as you see its perfect for a family. The room is nice and roomy, extremely clean, nice size fridge so make sure you fill yours up. I was also happy to see plenty of coffee ( a huge plus) , quality toiletries that smell amazing and even make up remover wipes!! all these things make me very happy 🙂  

A little helpful hint if you have a Birthday boy or girl is to let the front desk know when booking, they will leave a little treat for them 🙂 you can see these kids were thrilled! a little to thrilled that they wanted to stay and play with what they got 🙂 


It was a beautiful day and it wasn’t to cold yet so we went for a swim! anytime we visit a hotel we really make it a point to swim even if its just for a bit. The kids always seem to remember and more memories are made at the pool 🙂 can you see tower of terror in the distance over in the 1st pic?? 🙂

IMG_20151214_122531  20151212_163048 20151212_163255 20151212_163325 20151212_164438 20151212_162657


20151212_164016 20151212_164125 20151212_165216 20151212_165630

The Hotel Pool was Heated and is shallow enough even the little ones can sit and play. The kids really enjoyed the Splash Pad and rested their legs in the Hot tub 🙂 

Once we swam and slept we headed out to Denny’s just a couple doors down. If you show your room key you receive 10% off 🙂 the other side of the key also saves you 10% off over at McDonalds also just a couple doors down.



After dinner we headed back to Disneyland!!!! The Grand Legacy is so close we didn’t even take a stroller.

IMG_20150809_110023 IMG_20150913_133917  20151201_173916

We ALL hung in there until 12am closing 🙂 and it was all because we were able to take a break half way through the day. We also had peace of mind knowing we just had to walk across the street! no long drive home for us 🙂 there we are walking out. 


Back to the room here they are all cozy in the beds 🙂


Complimentary Continental Breakfast is served from 6:30am-9:30am this is another great perk when staying at The Grand Legacy so helpful saves time and money. They offered donuts, cereals, fruits, toast, bagels, biscuits and gravy along with juices and coffee. Everything was well stocked and nicely organized. 

20151213_075637 2015-12-14_12.21.05

Since Check Out isn’t until 12:00!!! we had some time to run on over to California Adventure. We got there very fast and were able to get in a 15 min line for Radiator Springs Racers!!!! 


Check out at 12 is a huge plus!!!!!!!!! 

We really enjoyed our stay at The Grand Legacy at the Park. Every single employee was happy to help and very friendly 🙂 The rooms are all remodeled and have a lot of space for everything that comes with a family. I love that the room felt very clean especially with kids. We had a ton of fun in the pool and lots of memories were made. I think we found our family tradition hotel when visiting Disneyland :). Our kids also have a special attachment and will remember this hotel because about two weeks ago we were invited to the unveiling of the Hotels new Name and were able to walk around and check out the new amazing changes coming up. Some of the changes include a new Breakfast Room that will still be complimentary. The new building will hold beautiful luxurious rooms and suites.  


6 Retail shops will be open at the ground level a mimi mart, ticket store, pizza place, and a scooter rental shop for sure. 


Something we are all excited about is the RoofTop Bar and Lounge which will be open sometime in February. The Rooftop will be family friendly during the day. We were up there!! you can clearly see Hollywood Tower of Terror over at California Adventure and Space Mountain and the Matterhorn over at Disneyland as well!! 

IMG_20151201_210513 IMG_20151201_211118  20151201_164029

This is gonna be amazing at night! to be able to watch the Disneyland Fireworks have a drink and walk right over to your room 🙂 we really cant wait!!

The Bar will be a Full Bar serving  Cocktails, Beer,Wine, Drinks along with light food all available for purchase. There will also be a stage for entertainment. The Rooftop is 5,000 square feet and will also be available for hosting Meetings, Special Events, Corporate groups and Weddings. An Indoor meeting space which holds 60 people will also be available.

We can’t wait to visit again and with a family of 5 we found it perfect!!!! 

Visit http://www.grandlegacyhotel.com  For more information and to book your stay. 

Grand Legacy At The Park (also known as Ramada MainGate At The Park

1650 South Harbor Blvd.

Anaheim, Ca 92802 










L.A. Zoo Lights Dazzling Wonderland




L.A. Zoo Lights A dazzling Wonderland Opens this coming Friday Nov 27th. This year its back and better than ever!!! We really can’t wait to check this out! Thousands of LED lights, Flurries of illuminated snowflakes, 3D animated projections for example animated elephants wearing holiday sweaters 🙂 water and light shows set to music, glittering light tunnels and fanciful menageries of animal characters including michievious monkeys scampering the grounds. All this will set the Zoo’s enchanting Environment aglow with wonder and delight to top 2015 “Holiday Tradition” destination list. Im hoping to start this as a family tradition myself 🙂 what a perfect way to spend the day after Thanksgiving and bring on Christmas!


I hear the events biggest expansion takes place over at the LAIR (Living Amphibians,Invertebrate, and Reptiles) There will be a giant 130 foot illuminated snake gazing down from the roof top! flickering its tongue as you enter the building. Once inside you will be bathed in ultraviolet light with glowing webs, orbs and insects of all kinds on the rock walls. In the LAIR Courtyard there will be snowboarding iguanas on a sparkly frosty hillside. Once we go I will post pics!! 

GL-LAZooLights4  GL-LAZooLights

Santa’s Village is in an all new glittering alpine setting perfect for pictures (available for an additional fee).

L.A.Zoo Lights also presents two VIP Experiences—- One is Happy Hour!!!! for ages 21 and over on Dec 10th. This VIP experience starts at 6pm and features “skip the line” express entry to L.A. Zoo Lights with a private lounge from 6:30-8:30pm with appetizers, beer, wine and hot and cold specialty cocktails. Tickets for  Happy Hour are $75.00 per person. 

The second VIP Experience is Family New Years Eve for all ages. Family New Years Eve will be on Thurs Dec 31st. at 6pm. this also includes skip the line express entry to L.A.Zoo Lights. Dinner Buffet, soft drinks, complimentary champagne for the adults 🙂 sparkling cider for kids, dessert,a ride on the Zoo’s special conservation carousel, crafts, DJ dance party, cash bar and live broadcast of New York Times Square Ball Drop at 9pm. After which guests are welcomed to experience L.A. Zoo Lights until closing. Tickets for this VIP Experience are $65 (adults) and $35 (children) for GLAZA members $60 (Adults) and $35 (children). There is limited availability for both VIP Experiences so make sure to get them early!!

What a great way to see the LA Zoo I know our kids love the animals and it will be really interesting to see it this way! We are always looking for more ways to celebrate Christmas and we are Excited!!! 🙂 Its a great and  affordable night out.

L.A. Zoo Lights tickets are on sale now!!! for Opening on Friday Nov 27- Sun Jan 3,2016 (except Dec 24 & 25) 

L.A. Zoo Lights is open 6pm-10pm Monday-Thursday   6pm-11pm Friday-Sunday and Dec 21,22,23 

Admission to L.A.Zoo Lights is $13.00 adults/seniors $11.00 children 2-12 on Mon-Thurs (except Dec 21,22,23 when tickets are the same as weekends)

Friday-Sunday Admission is $16.00 adults/seniors $14.00 for children 2-12 Tickets for GLAZA members are $11.00 children under 2 are FREE!! 

Online early bird tickets are available at $10.00 each I just got more tickets they are up now!! purchase these tickets during the 1st week (Nov 27th-Dec 3rd)

visit http://www.LAZooLights.org 

Tickets are also available for $9.00 after 9 pm on select nights.  Visit http://www.LAZooLights.org for details and to purchase tickets.

Have fun Everyone!!!!!!!!!!! and let us know if you go!!!!! 🙂 


Los Angeles Zoo—  323-644-4200

5333 Zoo Drive Los Angeles Ca 90027 FREE parking 🙂