HomeTown Buffet GiveAway!!!!!

HomeTown Buffet GiveAway!!!!!


Family Night at Hometown Buffet is featuring Life Heros 🙂 Hometown is partnering with Anchor Bay Entertainment and their award winning animated film Underdogs. Different types of Heros will be featured for example Teachers, Soldiers, Police Officers. There is still a couple weeks left with this theme heres the list of the weekly features:

August 25: Meet a Firefighter Hero Day

Sept 1: Scouts Honor

Sept 8: Teacher Hero’s and Grandparent Heros

Sept 15: Soldier Hero

Sept 22: Thank You, Police Officers!

Sept 29: Literary Hero’s

Oct 6: Little Hero’s

Local Heros are invited to come on in and participate in the activities! I think this always helps 🙂 I love seeing our kids faces when they meet people in uniform. It makes it more real and you never know they might be inspired to follow in those footsteps.

This theme will end with the October 6th Family night and some locations will show a screening of Underdogs.

Another great thing Hometown Buffet will be doing is having a cannedfood drive benefiting the local charities. Every child who turns in goods will get a sticker that says — I can make a difference! Another great lesson for the kids 🙂 

Alway check with your local Hometown Buffet for more details. Some restaurants do things a little different. Sometimes the HomeTown over in Covina Ca has face painting and ballon making from Payasito Tutin along with the feature for the week 🙂

Make sure you enter the drawing to win a copy of the Underdogs movie in DVD. Our kids really enjoyed the movie and really understood the mesaage that waa sent.

Enter to win our Prize Pack!! Which includes 4 meal passes, a $25.00 Amazon giftcard and a copy of Underdogs!

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Adventure City!!!!!

Adventure City!!!!!

This summer right before the school year started. I took our kids on a last summer outing over to Adventure City in Anaheim Ca. But….. since we always seem to have great weather we will definitely be back on a weekend 🙂


20160811_110651 2016-09-12_22-32-36

We’ve been to Adventure City before and really loved it! It’s a perfect place for a day outing. Adventure City is a small Amusement Park where all the younger kids can all have a great time. Our kids ages 4,7 and 9 and they absolutely love this place.

First off the Parking is FREE!!! and very close to the entrance. As soon as you walk in, you will notice how clean and well taken care of this park is. Everything is nice and bright and there’s lots of beautiful flowers and plants all around the park.


We like to start on one side of the park and go all the way around so we try every ride.

20160811_111347 20160811_111543

As we make our way, we see the Show times Board and keep those times in mind while going about our day 🙂


One of the kids favorites is the School Bus, our four year old didn’t want to get on so I stayed behind while grandma and the kids rode.

20160811_111910 20160811_112034




Our Little guy loves this Train!!!


20160811_134625 20160811_134604 20160811_134633


Riding the Train is a great one to try early in your visit because it takes you all around the park and you can get a feeling of everything else you will experience later it’s also a great one for the whole family to get on together 🙂

20160811_114051  20160811_113349 20160811_113751


20160811_113925  20160811_14005020160811_114032

All the rides are included in admission but they do sell a FunCard which gets you points to use on the Rockwall and Arcade 🙂

20160811_121801 20160811_121814 20160811_121907

This was really nice for our girl because two years ago she didn’t make it to the top and this time she did!!! She was so happy and proud 🙂

The Airplanes are also a favorite

20160811_120244 20160811_120437

Next to the Airplanes you will see the Balloon Racers this is my favorite 🙂 I think they are pretty to look at and the air feels great when you fly up!

20160912_211924 20160811_113849  20160811_120544 20160811_142831

For something a little faster try the Freeway Coaster

20160811_115155 20160811_115059

Another thing I love about this place is their food. I think it’s fairly priced and good portion size. Since we were running around a nice treat is always good 🙂 we decided on Nachos and Chili Cheese Curly Fries!!!! They don’t skimp on the cheese!

20160811_122806 20160811_122801

And for the Mama’s Starbucks!!!!!!

I was so happy to see they brew Starbucks Coffee as well as iced!


You can also purchase an Adventure City cup and get refills throughout the day for $1.00.


A huge plus for our family was when I asked for a refill on my own water bottle and they showed me where they have an ice bucket along with water they even have cups free of charge!

Our family drinks tons of water and theres no way I can keep buying bottled water this is so nice of them to offer it.


There’s lots of places available to sit and eat but we took our food over to the show area since it was almost going start. 

There’s plenty of benches and tables all with great views of the show.

20160811_122748 20160811_125044 20160811_125048  20160811_125534  20160811_123815 20160811_125557

The kids thought the show was pretty funny!

Adventure City also has a Petting Zoo, also included with admission I think they sell feed but we didn’t do it.

20160811_130610 20160811_130705 20160811_130647 20160811_130540                      After petting the animals they have a handwashing station right across the way.

Carousel fun is always good 🙂

20160811_111644 20160811_132957 20160811_132953 20160811_133159

We doubled up on some of the rides and one of the last rides we rode was the Drop Zone I stayed behind with the little guy and these brave kids got on with their brave grandma!

20160811_141106  20160811_141213 20160811_141216 20160811_141110

The last ride for the day was the Roller Coaster our nine year old son went ahead and got on by himself 🙂 Brave kid gets on everything!

20160811_140555 20160811_140554 20160811_140636

Before leaving for the day we did have some fun over at the Arcade all 3 kids shared one $20.00 FunCard and it went pretty far they all played what they wanted, got tickets and even collected prizes.

20160811_143455 20160811_143627 20160811_144735 20160811_143903                  20160811_14423720160811_143225

The Price is right for this Park and you end up with a nice full day of fun with lots of memories made 🙂 Hours vary but they dont open to early or close to late. You can definitly do everything in one visit.

This Park makes me feel happy because it brings back childhood memories. Back when I was a kid my dad would take us to the Beach and on the way home we’d stop by Hobby City which is right next door to Adventure City. There was lots to do back then and the buildings are still there today. I even remember when construction started and when Adventure City opened in 1994 we didn’t visit because I was already in high school but I knew once I had kids or nieces and nephews Id be bringing them to visit.

Im Happy to say we have a GiveAway!!!!!!!!! 4 Tickets to Visit Adventure City!!! to Enter please like share and comment on this post 🙂 let us know if you’ve been and what you liked or if you haven’t been what you’d like to try 🙂 There was a couple more rides that i did’nt get pictures of.

Adventure City is located over at 1238 S. Beach Blvd. Anaheim Ca 92804 Phone– 714-236-9300 

Admission is $17.95 (infants 12 months and younger are Free) Seniors are $12.95 (ages 55 years and up) 

visit http://m.adventurecity.com/  for more information. And I also recommend signing up for the E-Club because they send out lots of deals and you might even get a free admission for your Birthday!