Hippo Encounter at the Los Angeles Zoo

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Family Adventure Ahead!!!!! An amazing opportunity to get up close (very close) to meet Hippo’s is happening now at the Los Angeles Zoo. Get to know Mara and her 15 month old baby Rosie. We had the chance to checkout Hippo Encounter and it was Amazing!!! This is a great learning opportunity for all especially the kids, and you can all walk away saying— I touched a Hippo! Hippo Encounter is only 15 people at a time including children so please make sure to check availability and purchase tickets online at http://www.lazoo.org/visit/showsandactivities/  you can also purchase in person at admissions ticket windows.

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During Hippo Encounter you will be going behind the scenes for about 20 min and will be standing very close to baby Rosie and her Mama Mara 🙂 you see the pictures I wasn’t zooming in we were really that close! 🙂

You will learn so much about Hippos and how baby Rosie came to be. If you’ve ever wondered what Hippo skin feels like you will have a chance to find out 🙂

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You will also keep them company while they eat Lunch 😉 and learn facts like — Why do they spend so much time underwater? How much does baby Rosie weigh? How fast can they run? Are they Endangered? You will have a chance to ask questions so get them ready.

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Hippos are the third largest land mammal and how awesome is it that you have a chance to see and feel one up close!

Ill never forget that open mouth and seeing Mama and baby interact was priceless. This was definitely a memorable experience for us. I keep thinking about it and our son keeps telling his buddies he touched a Hippo 🙂

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I figure the more we teach our kids about these animals the more they will Love and respect them. Thank You Los Angeles Zoo for offering these once in a lifetime experiences.

Hippo Encounter is $15.00 per person in addition to regular Zoo admission and is available on weekends and holidays at 12pm.

Check out the Zoo website for tickets http://www.lazoo.org/visit/showsandactivities/ 

Admission to the LA Zoo is $20.00 for general admission (ages 13-61) $17.00 for seniors (ages 62 and over) and $15.00 for children (ages 2-12) Hippo Encounter tickets are $15.00 per person in addition to regular zoo admission and available to children ages 4 and up accompanied by an adult.

Enjoy these Beautiful days and make some memories at the Los Angeles Zoo!!!! while there make sure to get a tasty snack and ride the Conservation Carousel!

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Los Angeles Zoo 

5333 Zoo Drive Los Angeles Ca 90027





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