ReinDeer Romp at the Los Angeles Zoo

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Right now through January 3rd. Over at the Los Angeles Zoo you can see Reindeer!!!! Its really the only place around Los Angeles to take a close look at live Reindeer 🙂 You will lean Reindeer facts and meet Reindeers Noel, Belle, Velvet and Jingle. Some facts we learned are that even female Reindeers have antlers and Reindeer antlers fall off and they grow new ones! I never new that, even parents are always learning. 🙂

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In the same Reindeer Romp area everyone can decorate their own antlers —

20151205_104221 20151205_104827

and right outside you can see Ice Carving in action we were fortunate to see #IceDoll work her magic 🙂

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Make sure to check out the schedule at the beginning of your visit to see which animal will be receiving a special gift. On different days different animals, receive a present that they unwrap! we were lucky to see the Elephants 🙂

20151205_133233 20151205_133302 20151205_133435 20151205_133604


Other special holiday activities include a visit with Santa, puppet shows and watching Carolers. Visiting the Zoo during this time makes for a very fun family day. The holiday spirit all around and great holiday picture opportunities 🙂

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And you get to experience everything the Zoo has to offer!! Like these tasty snacks 🙂 I think now its a tradition to get Kettle Corn its very fresh and super tasty. Those Carnitas Nachos were very tasty and will be getting them again! we got them over at Cafe Pico.

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We Love taking the kids to the Zoo because each time its a different adventure. This trip we were able to see lots of babies 🙂

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As the kids get older they learn more about Extinction and Endangered animals bringing them to the Zoo helps them Love the animals and makes them more aware of things they can do in the environment. We spent lots of time over at the California Condor Rescue Zone they loved it so much they didn’t want to leave.

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And how amazing it was to see the Lions Love each other!!

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All activites are FREE with paid Zoo addmision which is $20.00 for general admission (ages 13-61) $17 for seniors (ages 62+) and $15 for children (ages2-12) No ticket is required for children under 2.


Los Angeles Zoo

5333 Zoo Drive Los Angeles, Ca 90027

Free parking is available






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