Something Fun to do this Weekend. Azusa Canyon

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Heres a short family hike good for all ages.


A short drive north of the 210 freeway in the City of Azusa..on Azusa, takes you up into Azusa Canyon. If you intend on making this trip and stopping to enjoy the beautiful canyon you must pick up a “Forest Adventure Pass” and display it on your vehicle. You can find this pass at the ranger station at the base of the canyon or any SportChalet or Big5 Sporting Goods. Please visit the sight and read all the good a few dollars does for our forests.

Exit the 210 freeway on Azusa St and head north. 13 Miles from the freeway exit will bring you to Cogswell Gate.


Park in of the two parking lots and display your Forest Adventure Pass from your mirror.

The hike is an easy going, paved road along a nice stream.20140928_162146

20140928_161001   There are many great views of surrounding canyons and water below. As you venture further into the canyon, the trail descends to water level and there are many places to go off the path and get close to the stream

.20140928_162717                  20140928_162704


Unfortunately, this has been a bad year for rain and the water levels are pretty low everywhere. Fortunately this has exposed many smooth rocks and has made it possible for the kids to try there hand….. or feet at …. A little rock hopping with minimal consequence. 20140928_170033


The very first bridge you come to marks the one mile mark. 20140928_165340This is a good place to take a break and have a snack. 20140928_165734The stream runs under the bridge and provides plenty of shade for playing by the water and taking a break. We also found ourselves chasing bugs and watching insects be insects.20140928_162751

The hike back seams shorter than the hike in.20140928_172534 The sun sets behind you and casts shadows all through the canyon.


This trail is over 16 miles long. It’s 8 miles in and 8 miles out. The trail has mile makers throughout makeing it easy to make your trip as easy or as long as you wish. The further you travel up the canyon, the prettier it gets. The evidence of careless hikers and visitors disappears as you make your way deeper into the canyon. The path is an easy paved path and does lend itself to families on bikes or kids on scooters.

The best time to visit is later in the day or early in the morning. For those hiking deeper into the canyon, you can bring your fishing pole and fish from one of the platforms. Please remember to pack out all you trash or place it in one of the many provided trash bins. Some bug spray might be a good idea too since you will be walk along a stream. Don’t forget your Forest Adventure Pass.


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