Irvine Park Railroads 20th Annual Christmas Train

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2015-11-10 11.45.27

Time to start thinking about some Christmas Fun!!! This year we are so happy to be going over to Irvine Park Railroad and riding the Christmas Train all the way to the North Pole! 😉

This is a perfect event for the whole family 🙂 Find your Santa hats get your warm clothes out and get ready to ride this night time train ride. The train ride will take you through historic Irvine Regional Park all the way to the North Pole to meet Santa.

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Christmas Train tickets may be purchased to ride the train at a specific date and time. Get in line and board the train any time during the hour for which you purchase tickets. Tickets may be purchased online only and can be purchased now. Tickets may not be purchased in person. Visit for more details.

Lots of activities will be available for children to enjoy in Santa’s Village next to the train station. Activities open 1 hour before The Christmas Train runs. 

Activities include:

Story Time with Mrs Claus 

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Christmas Cookie Decorating, Carnival Games, Ice Fishing, Santa Claus Moon Bounce, Christmas Coloring Corner and Picture Stands for tons of pictures 🙂

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Prices for all activities vary visit for more info 

Once you get to the North Pole, visitors can purchase Coffee,Hot Chocolate,Pop Corn,Hot Pretzels and Cookies from the Elf House snack bar. A full kitchen menu is also available at the Train Station. You will be able to take your own pictures with Santa or you will be able to purchase a picture taken by Irvine Park RailRoad each 5×7 will be presented with a Irvine Park RailRoad border and will be ready shortly after taking. After chit chatting with Santa 🙂 hop on back aboard the Train and enjoy all the Lights! We can’t wait to see the “Tunnel of Lights ” 🙂 

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Remember to dress warm, Bring extra batteries for your Camera and get there early to avoid crowds. The Christmas Train will be open beginning Friday 11/27-Wed 12/23 visit the website for hours. Cost of the train is $12.00 per person. Children under 24 months are FREE 🙂 Parking for Irvine Regional Park is $3.00 per vehicle on weekdays and $5.00 per vehicle on weekends. Parking for the Christmas Train is FREE after 5pm. 

To complete your Christmas Adventure make sure to stop by Irvine Park RailRoads Christmas Tree Ranch. Trees available are Noble Firs, Douglas Firs, and Grand Firs. What a great way to complete the evening by picking out a tree!! 

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and also remember Irvine Park RailRoad offers other super fun activities during the day. Including wheel fun rentals at Irvine Park. Bike rides and Paddle Boat rides the whole family can participate in. Along with the Santa Ana Zoo and Pony Rides (cash only for pony rides).

IMG_20150927_193957 IMG_20150927_194634  20150927_140555

We are having a GiveAway!!!!!!!!!!! 4 Christmas Train Tickets,4 Activity Tickets and 1 Wheel Fun Rentals at Irvine Park Bike Rental. (excludes the double surrey) 

Please Like and Share this post along with commenting on a Christmas Tradition you all have. Winner will be announced on Sunday Nov 15th!!!!!

Irvine Park RailRoad 

1 Irvine Park Rd.

Orange,Ca 92869 





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    • Yvonne

      One Christmas tradition we have as a family is writing one thank on a strip of paper each night/per person. We take those strips and link them together in a chain… which then gets hung around our tree and around our house as a reminder of all the blessings we have.

  1. Katie k

    Would love to take this train ride….our favorite tradition is putting up the tree the day after thanksgiving…going through all the ornaments and talking about memories!!

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